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  • Specially designed Montessori classrooms for Nursery to Class I
  • Spacious, environmental friendly, colourful with the appropriate learning apparatus and furniture.
  • Activity rooms for pre-primary students for fun learning.
  • Labs for computers for practical learning.
  • Music room with both western and eastern classical instruments & singing
  • Dance room for Classical dance.
  • Located at a prominent position with easy access to public transport.
  • School bus facility is available at an additional fee.
  • Every bus has a lady attendants accompanying the children to and from school.
  • Advanced in using technology to ensure the entire school is able to run online on a secure platform.
  • Physical classrooms are also fitted with Smart Boards for interesting learning.
  • All backend school processes are also technologically enabled via an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

During the Coronavirus pandemic,

  • Barrackpore & Shyamnagar were the first school in the vicinity to start interactive online classes for students from Nursery to Cl XII (started in end March 2020 and by mid-April all classes were live).
  • We have the bandwidth to continue online and in-campus classes for Nursery to Cl V, as per the situation demands for our new Boys school too.
  • Every student will have an individual school email ID for communication and access to online classrooms.
  • All extra-curricular activities and competitions like singing, dancing, elocutions, yoga, karate etc. will be done online.
  • Barrackpore and Shyamnagar were the first school to conduct activities like Prize Day, Annual Spots, Rabindra Jayanti, Founder’s Day, etc. online. Same will be followed for Barrackpore Boys too.
  • We will conduct online assessments and proctored / online invigilation of examinations to ensure that these are done in a fair manner.

Parent connect using technology

  • Personalised School App provides paperless notices and circulars to parents
  • Online fee payment
  • Two-way communication with the school via School App.
  • Monthly Parent-Teacher-Meetings will be conducted online
  • Face to face physical meetings as required.
  • Periodic parents’ feedback / suggestions via online surveys.
  • Parent engagement program to bridge the gap between online and offline classes.

Teachers are tech savvy

  • Every teacher has a personalised school Email ID.
  • Regular training on technology skills are conducted for all staff.
  • Teachers use the internet for available material to enhance the teaching material
  • Teachers will make their own presentations & videos to make the classes interesting for students.

Lessons by teachers are periodically video recorded and uploaded on the restricted school YouTube channel for students to refer to at home while studying.

BKP Health (2)

Purified drinking water, child friendly toilets for toddlers & young boys.

  • Annual medical check-up by a reputed General Physician will be done for every child. Report is sent to the parents.
  • Full time in-house trained nurse, fully operational infirmary, medical and first aid facilities & doctor on call will be provided.
  • Full time in-house Student Counsellor will be available to take care of any behavioural issues / mental health concerns.
  • Purified drinking water is provided. Water testing will be done regularly and the purity is certified by recognized testing laboratories.
  • For Pre Primary we provide child friendly toilets (small convenient size for children) along with other hygiene facilities.
  • We will conduct Health and Wellness classes as part of the “Future Ready Program” to promote healthy eating, hygiene habits, gentle and confident communication style and overall mental and physical wellness.
  • Trained security and administration staff man the entry gates and other common areas of the school.
  • Student absentee information is sent to parents via the School App within an hour of school commencing to inform them of their child’s absence from school.
  • CCTV Coverage – entire school building, outside the school gates and every classroom for Pre-Primary
  • State of the art fire-fighting system
  • Multiple exits for any emergencies.
  • Lady attendants in each classroom who wear aprons with easy to read large name tags to be easily identified by children / staff (in pre-primary only).
  • Our school bus has a dedicated lady attendant to accompany the children.
BKP staff facilities (1)
  • We invest in teacher training in multiple areas – subject knowledge, leadership & administrative skills, technology skills, grooming & behavioural skills.
  • Subject training programs following the CBSE Curriculum (Council).
  • Internal workshops by leading resource persons to train our teachers on various subject matters and skills.
  • Online courses by leading global universities.
  • Technology training has now become a regular feature, building skills as well as awareness on various platforms to improve teaching.
  • Leadership training is supplemented by providing the opportunity to teachers to take on more responsibility and administrative positions given the rapid expansion and growth of the school.