World Post Day is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) which was started in 1874 in Switzerland. It is an opportunity to celebrate the importance of postal services in facilitating communication, commerce, and connectivity between people and businesses across the globe. We celebrated the day by enhancing …


“Learn, unlearn and relearn.” Our respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. J. Biswas and our Academic Coordinator, Mrs. B. Chakraborty attended a wonderful workshop on “Paradigm shift for leaders of learning ” by Cambridge University Press at Lalit- The Great Eastern. It enhanced the skills of the CPD process through zen story, lygometry and different levels of …


Drama (Theater) and Storytelling has the power to change lives. Following the aim of the school to create future citizens St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls organized a fun-filling Drama workshop to improve the verbal and non verbal communication skills of the students. This Drama workshop helped the students to comprehend the different levels of …


“Not all classrooms have four walls.” In order to enhance the knowledge of the students, St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls organized an educational tour for classes IV-VI. They visited St. Paul’s Cathedral Church and M. P. Birla Planetarium where they developed their cognitive skills through their field visit on the historical artifacts in relation …


“Dance is an art to express one’s emotions.” St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls organized a dance workshop for classes UKG and I under the able guidance of Piyal Sur. It was a wonderful session where the students made connections and discovered new ways to move and created the systematic approach towards dance with tunes. …


St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls have organized ‘No Bag Day’ as per the NEP policy, where an enlightening workshop was provided on Communication to classes III-VI. The students have enhanced their knowledge on developing the skills of construction of sentences, storytelling methods and interactions with proper accent. Pre primary till classes II had a …


“Speech is power. Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” To encourage the communication skill, the winners of the Elocution Competition were appreciated with a medal and certificate.


“Hindi is the simplest source of expression of our nation.” As stated truly by Sumitranandan Pant (one of the most celebrated poet of the 20th Century of the Hindi language), language has no boundaries and it is one of the form of expressing your views strongly. To spread this awareness, St. Augustine’s Day School for …


Music is a way of expression to share your emotions through rhythm and join the soul with it. To enhance the mindset of the students, St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls took a special initiative and organized a wonderful and refreshing Music Therapy Workshop by the resourceperson, Srestha Gan. The students learnt to develop their …


St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls organized an amazing Elocution Competition for classes Nursery to VI. They all participated with the belief of learning through their voice modulation, actions and presentation.


“May the bond of love between us always remain strong.” Believing the fact, the students of St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls celebrated this auspicious occasion in a colorful way. They started with a special assembly, a visit to an orphanage, Sishu Bhawan where they presented a wonderful program for the children of the organization. …


“Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.” As rightly stated by Saint Augustine, the beauty within our students enhanced on this special occasion. St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls organized a wonderful feast day for the students with an award winning movie and dancing session. Followed by an eucharistic celebration attended by the dignitaries, …


“Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Saint Teresa

Times Power Women Award 2022

We are extremely elated to share that Marie Gaspar, Principal of St. Augustine’s Day School for Girls has been awarded the Times Power Women East Awards 2022.

Jashn E Diwali

St.Augustine’s Day School for Boys and  St.Augustine’s Day School for Girls together celebrates Jashn E Diwali Click here to view more images of our celebration.

Past Event

On 5TH -6TH SEPTEMBER 2020 NEW DELHI(ONLINE CHAMPIONSHIP VIA WHATSAPP ), 9 Students participated from our school. They did very well and gave a good fight to other countries. 7 out of 9 students of ours are awarded with one Gold medal and six Bronze medals.

Pre Pujo Mela

St.Augustine’s Day School for Girls celebrates Pre Pujo Mela Click here to view more images of our celebration.