As we focus on “Success for every child” we provide opportunities in fields other than academics for students to excel in. Our society creates icons of film stars, singers, dancers and musicians. Even designers, authors / writers are idolised. Culturally inclined Bengal has contributed some of the best film directors, actors, performers and writers of all times recognized with multiple awards including Academy Award (Oscar) and Nobel Prize.

Dance Music Arts

We have dedicated teachers for Music, Dance, Art, who take regular classes to awake the latent talent of students in the performing arts. Intra and inter school competitions in these further help toraise the bar. Our very own flagship school fest “Augustus Auxesis” promotes healthy competition in all these domains.

We have won various inter-school competitions

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is an important skill that spells success for every career. At St. Augustine’s we start early with a dedicated teacher for Spoken English from Class IV onwards who trains students to speak correct English (accent, pronunciation, diction, modulation etc). The syllabus is adapted and designed by a professionals from The Trinity College, London who regularly supervise and monitor this unique program. Competitions in Public Speaking, Elocution, Extempore, Debates are held regularly to build language skills and corresponding confidence and poise amongst the students.

Model United Nation (MUN)

Few Noteworthy moments

We have received multiple awards in various inter school competition

MUN is an activity in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the overall functioning of the United Nations. After starting with a handful of members, this club has developed in leaps and bounds. We as a club, try to simulate international crisis situations and train ourselves to slowly and gradually come to an unanimously agreed solution. The best thing of this club is the opportunity that unfolds in front of the students in course of their research work on any subject. Needless to say, this exercise has its own virtues in developing the speaking skills of the members.