To maintain parity in the school uniform, it is compulsory that all students must make or acquire their uniform from the official school tailor only and purchase the shoes and socks from the official school shoemaker. The detailed specification and design have been provided to these concerns separately. The name and address of the both concerns will be given to the pupil in the annual circular and will be displayed on the board.

1. Should any student be detected that the uniform he / she is wearing is not according to the specification given and that the material is not the same, the concerned child will not be allowed to join classes, until he / she procures the uniform from the official tailor.

2. Parents must ensure that their ward's Winter Uniform is kept ready in advance. Students who do not attend School wearing the prescribed Winter Uniform on and from the date mentioned in the School Diary may not be allowed to join his/ her classes.

3. It is expected that all pupils, especially the Prefects should preserve their School Blazer as a souvenir after completing their School.

4. Children must be in their complete and correct school uniform from home to school and back on all regular school days, special class days, on Saturdays, holidays and also when the students represent the school at external functions and games. Pupils must not enter any place of entertainment e.g. Theatres, Cinema Hall, Restaurant etc. in school uniform unless they are sent from school.

5. Spectacle colour to be Black/ Brown only.


If long, to be tied with black elastic band. No long hair to be kept open. No colouring of Hair.

Available in school, should be bright and clean.No faded ties allowed.

Should be clean and short without any polish.

Should be 2 inches below the knee. Must be well pressed.No tight fitting skirts.

As per instructions, must be well pressed and not faded.

Must be folded till ankle.

Buckle shoes, must be polished. No high heels or sandals.

Collar Button
Should always be closed.

Permitted (simple models) for class IX - XII only.

Only small stud ear rings.

N.B : No other accessories or make up allowed.


Short hair, no colouring of hair.

Collar Button
Should be always closed.

Available in school, should be bright and clean.No faded ties allowed.

As per instruction, one length either half or full as per the notification.

Shirts & Trousers
As per instruction, must be well pressed & shirts must be always tucked in, and not faded.

As per instructions no tight fitting or baggies.

As per instructions and available in school.

Must be pulled up.

Naughty Boy type shoes only. High heels or any other design not allowed.

Permitted (simple Models) for class IX to XII only.

Identity Card
Must be worn around the neck daily to school.

N.B : No other accessories.