Co-curricular Activities


Inter House Quiz Competitions are held in School premises and this club takes up competitions in Quiz and G.K., whenever they are sent to other schools and organisations. 

Debate & Elocution 
Students of this club prepare for competitions in Elocution and Debates with the help of Teachers and they compete among themselves and with other schools. 

This club members learn and prepare themselves in the Dramas with the help of the Teachers. They not only go for the outside competitions but also put up programmes in school functions too. 

Students of this club learn and prepare themselves in the field of Dance with the help of the Teachers. They compete with the other schools and also put up programmes in various school functions. 

This club have students who are interested in science with the help of their science teachers prepare projects and organize exhibitions in the school or take up competitions whenever required.

Students of this club learns to prepare various computer oriented presentations and use them in various school events and functions. 

Children interested in photography capture photos based on different themes and use them for projects and putting up charts of various kinds. 

Teachers with the assistance of the school arrange excursions for the students especially senior students based on educational/historical tours. 

Students interested in music and singing take part in this club and prepare themselves for competitions with other schools and take part in the school functions/programmes. 

Games & Sports
Good athletes are born in schools, some students who are very interested in games and sports practice for various events with the help of their Games Teacher and take part in Sports Day of the school or compete with other schools as and when there is anything.

This club teaches self defence including Life Saving Practical Skills. Classes are conducted by experienced trainer. 

There are many good artists born young who join this club and prepare articles for school magazine, Exhibitions and participate in drawing competitions with other schools or whenever Institutions organize such events for drawing.